We know that the key to our school’s success lies with teachers who can ensure the highest standards in children’s learning.

Therefore, we will be recruiting highly qualified, energetic and skilled teachers who share our commitment to rigorous 21st century inquiry-based learning. We will be recruiting teachers from all English-speaking countries – the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Senior Leadership Team

Dr. Gregg Maloberti - Head of School
Dr. Gregg Maloberti

Head of School

Dr. Gregg Maloberti earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Dickinson College, a Master’s in Liberal Arts and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Maloberti has over 25 years of leadership experience in independent schools. He has served as Head of School of the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, Interim Head of School and Director of Institutional Advancement at Ross School in New York, and Dean of Admission at several of America’s oldest and finest schools.

Dr. Lynne Morrin - Lower School Principal and Director of Curriculum & Learning
Dr. Lynne Morrin

Lower School Principal and Director of Curriculum & Learning

Dr. Morrin graduated with a Bachelors in Education PK-Grade 12 from Pacific Lutheran University in Washington. She then earned two Master's Degrees, one in Education and the other in Administrative Leadership, both from the University of Wisconsin system. She also earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Concordia University Wisconsin.

She is a passionate educator who has always kept students at the forefront of all educational decisions. With more than 25 years of educational experience and eight years of international leadership experience, her vision has been to ensure the best educational outcomes for all students. Her experience in education is broad, spanning both elementary and secondary years. Her educational focus has been academic and social/emotional skills across all grade levels in schools in the USA, the Middle East, and Asia.

Joining Dr. Morrin at St. Mary’s is her husband, Richard. Their three adult children reside in the United States. Lynne loves to learn and explore new ideas, places, and experiences with family and friends.

Lianne F. Dominguez - Secondary School Principal and Director of College Counseling
Lianne Dominguez

Secondary School Principal and Director of College Counseling

Mrs. Dominguez earned her Master’s Degree in International Education at Endicott College Van Loan School of Education in Switzerland and graduated with a Bachelors in Elementary Education from Centro Escolar University in the Philippines. She also attained her International School Counselling Certification from the Counselors Training Center in PTC Miami and London.

Working in an international school for the past 12 years, she has dedicated her life enriching the lives of others and helping people find their purpose through the different hats she has worn as a College & Socio-emotional Counselor, Dorm Parent, Admissions and Registrar, Classroom teacher, Professional Development Coordinator. Outside of school, she is involved in creating life skills programs for out of school youth and rehabilitation centers in the Philippines.

Mrs. Dominguez is joined by her lively and supportive team - husband, Marc and 2 children - Javier and Daniela. She divides her time between spiritual studies, travelling, kickboxing, painting, and creating fun memories with family and students!

Dawn M. Stark - Director of Admissions
Dawn M. Stark

Director of Admissions 


Academic Team

Farhana Aki - Secondary School
Farhana Aki

Mathematics and Physics

Ms Farhana Aki earned her Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) from BUET followed by BSc honours & MSc in Mathematics from NUB. She also accomplished MSc in Mathematics for Educators from Nanyang Technological University - Singapore and PhD coursework from University Technology Malaysia (UTM).

She started her teaching career in 2009 as a Teaching Assistant at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and Senior Teacher at Milestone College. She worked as a Pre-University Teacher at a British international Institute in Singapore. She has also served as a Secondary Teacher of Mathematics, Physics and ICT at two International Schools in Malaysia.

Ms Aki and her husband Mr. Rased who is living in Singapore, they have a lovely girl - Manha and twin boys Manaf & Mansab. She enjoys very much to play, travel, spend time with the kids and do their homework especially on weekends. Her hobbies are quelling arts and cooking Indian traditional foods.

Nhivetha Amaresh - Elementary School
Nhivetha Amaresh

Elementary School

Ms. Nhivetha received a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Raffles University Iskandar, Johor (RUI). Prior to joining Shattuck-St. Mary’s, she was a a 1:1 learning support assistant at Stellar International School. She completed her internship program as an Assistant Psychologist at Arquila DSM V Psychology Centre, Clinic Kamal, Tampoi, Johor. Additionally, Nhivetha also worked with Aarena Oasis Faculty of Psychology and Training Centre.

Ms. Nhivetha comes to SSM-FC with vast experience and understanding of the concept of Psychology and the ability to apply these skills within the teaching field. She is a very passionate person and hopes to transform her students’ lives.

Raychel Ann Standley - Secondary School
Raychel Ann Standley

English as an Additional Language

Ms. Standley earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from University Industry Selangor.

Jordan B. Korth - Secondary School
Jordan B. Korth

Secondary School Music Teacher

Mr. Korth earned a Bachelor’s in Music from Earlham College and a Master’s in Music Education from Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music, training in string pedagogy with Mimi Zwig, who trained Joshua Bell. Mr. Korth has taught Orchestra classes in Indiana for the past five years, and string lessons for over nine years. Mr. Korth also has experience in jazz ensembles, composition, and symphonic orchestra. He enjoys developing his craft and has participated in conducting workshops with the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra as well as taking several music history courses at Stanford University this past year.

Mr. Korth is joined at the school by his wife, Chelsea, and two children, Burris and Iggy. Burris will be attending the Early Childhood Program. Mr. Korth enjoys playing outside with his kids, reading, board and tabletop games, gardening, playing the bass, exploring, eating, coffee, and anything music.

Vicky Chai Pei Wen - Early Childhood School
Vicky Chai Pei Wen

Teaching & Learning Assistant

Ms. Vicky received a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). During her studies, she was a volunteer of the Nobel Endeavour Programme in UTM to promote Scientific knowledge and skills to students in the local schools. After graduating from University, she worked as a Teaching Assistant at one of the American Schools in Johor. She provided tutoring classes to students who struggled academically. Besides, she has also been tutoring Secondary Science in a tuition center for 5 years.

After realizing her interest working in the Educational field, she decides to join SSMFC and work with kids worldwide. She gained her TESOL/TEFL International certificates from the Asian College of teachers recognized by the USA and Canada. At the same time, Ms. Vicky is currently studying for a Master in Education (Med) at Open University Malaysia. She is a coffee lover who cannot live without coffee every day. She has an adopted dog at home, she enjoys playing with her dog during her free time.

Nicola Collins – Elementary School
Nicola Collins

Elementary School

Ms. Collins received her Bachelor of Arts Degree for the Screen and Stage at Bournemouth Arts Institute, and her PGCE in Primary Education from Sunderland University. Ms. Collins originates from the Yorkshire Dales in the UK but has been living in Shanghai for the past 12 years. She has worked there as an Admissions officer for the British International school, and for the past 10 years a 2nd Grade classroom teacher, P.E teacher and team leader in the International Division of a renowned Chinese school. Ms. Collins has worked with grades 1-5 teaching P.E and has also been the head of a school swim team taking students to international tournaments.

When she is not teaching, Ms. Collins enjoys being by the ocean, exploring the outdoors and doing sports with her 2-year-old son Emanuel. She has a passion for art, culture and loves to travel the world and experience new adventures whenever possible with her family.

Undrea Conley - Elementary School
Undrea Conley

Elementary School

Ms. Conley earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and Education, and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction (Mathematics) from the University of Texas at Arlington. She holds certifications as an Educator Generalist for early childhood through grade 8, as well as English as an Additional Language. Before moving to Malaysia, Ms. Conley  taught twelve years in the great state of Texas, as well as five years in the United Arab Emirates, where she also served as a Professional Learning Community Lead Trainer and regional professional development presenter. 

When she is not teaching, Ms. Conley enjoys reading, singing, volunteering, traveling and learning something new. She is currently studying Instructional Design. She is joined at SSM-FC by her twin daughters, Eliana and Kalyn, who are in Grade 12. Together, they spend as much time as possible exploring the world.

Miriam Coyle - Elementary School
Miriam Coyle

Elementary School

Miriam Coyle is an enthusiastic and passionate educator. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University and over the past twelve years has taught in both the United States and China elementary grades 1-6 and all subjects including language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, health, physical education, computer science, art, drama, and engineering. She has been ranked Highly Effective by the Utah Teacher Evaluation Rating and was awarded Teacher of the Year by Alpine School District in Utah, USA. Miriam uses the arts as a medium to express content knowledge in her classroom. She excels at creating a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students. She strongly feels that students achieve greater success when they feel loved and accepted at school. She believes that school should be rigorous, engaging, and fun. Miriam has had extensive training in preparing students for the 21st Century both in skill and in disposition. She does this by giving the students real-world and deep learning experiences while teaching and emphasizing creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, perseverance, communication, and excellent character in her students. She also prepares students for the 21st Century by using STEM and integrating subject content with technology. Additionally, Miriam has for several years hosted and supervised exchange students to the United States from all over the world. She has worked with students from Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Denmark, Slovakia, Spain, Austria, Germany, Poland, and Brazil. She loves to work with students of all ages and from all cultures and backgrounds.

Michael David Dives - Secondary School
Michael David Dives

Social Studies/ Middle School Humanities and AP Teacher

Mr. Michael Dives obtained his Bachelor of Science and Honors degrees in Geography from Rhodes University, South Africa. He has 10 years of teaching experience in Asia. He has taught English as a Foreign Language in South Korea, as well as IGCSE Geography in international schools in Malaysia. He is passionate about the environment and getting the students to explore the world around them. His hobbies include hiking, running, swimming and cooking. He is very excited to work in such a diverse and beautiful school in SSM-FC.

Esther Efthymiou - Secondary School
Esther Efthymiou

Head of Director Math & Science

Mrs. Efthymiou earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Degree in Business Administration from St. Mary’s College of California. She later earned an M.B.A. from John F. Kennedy University and received her Mathematics Credential from the University of California, Riverside. In addition to teaching in California for 9 years, her teaching experience in mathematics is informed by her practical experience working in the fields of investment, insurance, and retail management.

Mrs. Efthymiou was born in Malaysia and speaks 4 languages (English, Malay, Cantonese, and Mandarin). She is joined at the school by her two children, Andreas and Elisa. Both children will be in the Early Childhood Program. Mrs. Efthymiou enjoys baking, cooking, traveling, reading, and online shopping.

Chelsea Elizabeth Korth - Secondary School
Chelsea Elizabeth Korth

Social Studies

Dr. Korth earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Earlham College, as well as a Master of Science in Education and a PhD in History, Philosophy, and Policy in Education from Indiana University Bloomington. Prior to her position at SSM-FC, she was a university instructor and academic coach for five years and worked as grant coordinator for the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching program. Dr. Korth’s husband, Jordan, works at SSM-FC as the upper school music teacher. They have two young children, Burris & Iggy. Their family loves theme parks, games, books, and movies. Dr. Korth enjoys hiking, singing, traveling to new places, and tabletop games.

Gabby Eubank - Early Childhood School
Gabby Eubank

Early Childhood School

My full name is Maria Anita Esc0-Eubank, I prefer to be called ‘Gabby’. By profession and by heart, I am an Early Years educator with nineteen years of diverse teaching experience. SSM-FC is my 4th international school, having been taught in Japan, UAE, and Bangladesh. Before exploring international schools, I taught the National Curriculum in the Philippines. I completed both my Postgraduate Diploma for Early Childhood Studies at Roehampton University and the CACHE Level 3 Diploma for Early Years Educator in the UK. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education in my home country, the Philippines.

Fred Fruisen - Director of Golf Center of Excellence
Fred Fruisen

Director of Golf Center of Excellence

Coaching golf all over the world for 23 years has helped me develop a diverse set of teaching skills. I am a Class A member of the PGA of America, and have also been a Class A member of the New Zealand PGA. I also hold certifications as a Level 2 Trackman Professional as well as a certified Golfpsych instructor.

Innovativeness and encouragement are traits that have led to great success in my career as a golf coach. My personality is outgoing, and I am a natural leader. I’ve been in leadership roles my entire life.

For 18 years, I served as Head Golf Coach at 2 U.S. universities. My golf teams played in 12 NCAA or NAIA National Championships, producing 20 All-America Golfers. My teams’ performances on the course were outstanding, but our emphasis on academics made me most proud. In 2009 and 2011, our teams won the Academic National Championship awarded by the Golf Coaches Association of America, an award given to the collegiate golf team with the highest team grade point average in the entire United States.

Wade Graves - Elementary School
Wade Graves

Elementary School

Mr. Wade Graves is excited to join the SSM Community. He received his Master in Teaching degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. He has been working as a teacher since 2011, a shift from his previous career in business, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and International Business from the California State University, East Bay in California. Mr.Graves is also TESOL certified and enjoys working with a wide range of students from different language and cultural backgrounds. Mr. Graves has had the opportunity to live abroad in Puerto Rico, Chile, Indonesia and will be returning to Malaysia a second time as he has previously lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur for several years. 

When Mr. Graves is not working, he enjoys traveling and getting to know new places ,food, people, languages, and cultures. Mr. Graves enjoys dancing and is an avid music fan, so you will find him dancing and enjoying live music whenever possible

Nur Hayati Binti Sawal - Whole School
Nur Hayati Binti Sawal


Chin Hui Fang - Lower School Administrative Assistant
Chin Hui Fang

Elementary School Administrative Assistant

Wee Jern Chi - Whole School
Wee Jern Chi

Mandarin Language

Mr. Chi grew up in a small town, Muar, located in the Johor state, Malaysia. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan. Mr. Chi has been teaching Mandarin as first, second and foreign language for 9 years in 2 International Schools in Malaysia and 2 years teaching experience in Language Centre in Singapore. Before joining Shattuck-St.Mary’s Forest City, Mr. Chi was appointed as a role of Head of Mandarin Department, he was involved in planning whole school Mandarin syllabus curriculum. Besides, he was the Chinese New Year and Mandarin Day event coordinator.

Mr. Chi loves inspiring students to love Mandarin and bringing students to experience the joyfulness in Mandarin lesson. His hobbies include reading, singing and sport activities.

Liew Jia Qin - Elementary School
Liew Jia Qin

Teaching & Learning Assistant

Ms. Jia, earned her Bachelor’s Degree from University of South Australia. She also completed ABRSM Piano Grade 8. She loves kids and enjoy travelling.

Glenda Lakey - Secondary School
Glenda Lakey

Science English as an Additional Language

Born and raised in Southern Africa, I graduated with a B.Sc. from the University of Zimbabwe. Further studies earned me an M.Sc. from the University of Reading in the UK.

After emigrating to Canada, I worked in several fields, including microbiology lab work, waitressing, fitness, law enforcement and finally teaching.

Upon moving to Brazil, I continued teaching, learned to speak Portuguese and enjoyed the coastal life.

China was the next destination, where I spent 4 years teaching at international schools not too far from Shanghai.

I am now eagerly awaiting the next stage of my teaching life and look forward to growing with Shattuck-St Mary’s in Forest City.

When not working, I enjoy cycling, walking, working out, discovering new places and struggling to learn Mandarin.

Jay Kanapathy - Whole School
Jay Kanapathy

Head of English as an Additional Language

Miss Kanapathy or Miss Jay as she is known, has 22 years of experience in teaching English as an additional language to young learners. She has a Diploma (dist) in TESL from a Malaysian Teacher’s College and Diploma in Computer Studies from the National Centre of Information Technology, UK. An advocate of lifelong learning, Miss Jay went on to obtain her Master’s Degree (dist) in Teaching English to Young Learners from the University of York. Along the way, she also earned credentials from the International Baccalaureate and British Council.

Miss Jay has taught in prestigious international schools in Malaysia and Singapore, where she set up the English as an Additional Language Department.

Globetrotting is Miss Jay’s other passion. She loves historic ruins where she gets to walk the path of our ancestors or just drink in the natural beauty of Mother Nature. Unlike her other half, Miss Jay is NOT an adrenaline junkie but does end up having a sense of accomplishment after braving herself to jump out of a plane, swim with sharks, walk with lions and other ‘fun’ activities.

After living overseas for 8 years with her family, which includes three boisterous young men, she has now returned to her home country.


Viyani Karunaratne - Early Childhood School
Viyani Karunaratne

Early Childhood School

Ms. Viyani Karunaratne grew up in Sri Lanka. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies at Chapman University, California. She has a diploma in the Montessori Method of Education as well as a Piano Teacher’s Diploma from the Trinity College of Music, London.

Ms. Viyani has worked with young children for over 30 years. She feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of children from various parts of the globe. During her journey as an international educator she worked in several countries including Malaysia, China, Rwanda, the USA, Singapore and Sri Lanka. It is of utmost importance to her that her young students are excited about learning and look forward to coming to school.

Vincent Lerouvillois - Athletics Director and ECA coordinator, Lower School
Vincent Lerouvillois

Athletics Director and ECA coordinator, Lower School PE Teacher

Mr. Lerouvillois studied in France where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters Degree in Physical Education and Motor Function.

Mr. Lerouvillois has extensive experience teaching in international schools and he has taught in France, Egypt, Djibouti, China and Malaysia. Mr. Lerouvillois is fluent in both English and French and can also converse in Japanese, Arabic and Portugese. He is a fitness addict and practice many sports (capoeira, kitesurfing, scuba diving, football etc). He likes to challenge himself and recently started triathlon. He pushes himself and competes locally in Malaysia and internationally in Singapore. He would love to inspire the same passion in his students. Mr. Lerouvillois comes with his family: his wife Maricar and two young children Emma and Samuel.

Gong Li Teen - Whole School
Gong Li Teen

Assistant Counselor

Cynthia Majinau - Whole School
Cynthia Majinau

Librarian cum Teaching Assistant

Wendy Mcleod – Elementary School
Wendy. Mcleod

Elementary School

Dr. Wendy Mcleod earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Education degree from University of British Columbia. She completed two Masters of Arts degrees from Michigan State University, one in Curriculum and Teaching and another in Educational Leadership and Administration. Dr. Mcleod earned a Doctorate in Education from University of Hong Kong. She recently completed a Certificate in International School Counselling from the Counselor Training Center. Dr. Mcleod has over sixteen years of experience in international education, most recently at Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

Dr. Mcleod is joined by her husband and their two daughters.

Jacques Muller - Secondary School
Jacques Muller

English as an Additional Language

Bloemfontein, South Africa, where he studied Information Technology before moving to the United Kingdom to further his studies. Since then, he has worked across Southeast Asia, obtaining his international TEFL certification and teaching English Language Arts in Thailand and South Korea for more than 6 years before moving to Malaysia to pursue his studies in Veterinary Medicine. After obtaining his DVM degree, he joined the international school community in Malaysia, teaching Biology and English before joining Shattuck-St Mary’s in Forest City, where he is currently teaching English as an Additional Language. Dr. Muller is not only passionate about teaching but also about animal welfare, being regularly involved in volunteer work at local shelters. He enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking, and the occasional round of golf with his wife in his spare time.

Eunice Ngoi Ser Min - Lower School
Eunice Ngoi Ser Min

Mandarin Language

With 10 years of teaching experience, Ms. Eunice holds Diploma in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages certificate. She has both TQUK and TCSOL certificates from the International Association for teachers of Chinese under the laws of the United States of America. Well experienced in teaching at international school, she has taught pupils from kindergarten to Grade 5 Foreign language Chinese from different counties. Graduated from university of Sunderland, United Kingdom with Degree of Business Management, Ms. Eunice also talent on piano playing and is qualified with Associated board of the Royal School of Music (Abrsm) certificate. Apart from teaching and piano playing, she also loves to cook. She uses to spend her spare time on exploring different cooking recipes and nature with her son.

Maricar Orino Co - Early Childhood School
Maricar Orino Co

Early Childhood School

Ms. Mai has enjoyed 18 years in the field of education. Ms. Mai loves to have lots of games, singing and dancing in her class. She is passionate about kids, learning and playing.

Graduating with a HE Education degree from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, she has taught from Preschool to Highschool in the Philippines, Japan, China and Malaysia. Working overseas has molded her beliefs in equity, celebrating diversity, and developing partnerships between school, home and the community. She has extensive experience in teaching the IB PYP curriculum in Early years, and IEYC. She also has experience leading the Early Years Department (Nursery to Kindergarten) and serving as the Lower Primary PYP Coordinator (Nursery to Grade 2) in Japan and China.

In her spare time, she enjoys making arts and crafts, baking, cooking, diving, boxing, playing badminton, swimming and watching anime and series. She is accompanied by her husband, Mr. Vince, who is the Primary PE teacher, and their 2 kids, Emma and Samuel.

Ong Pei Zhi - Elementary School
Ong Pei Zhi

Teaching & Learning Assistant

Ms. Pei earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. After her studies, she became a volunteer at a non-profit organization in Malacca for three months and later was recruited permanently as a teacher for children with special needs. Then, she joined SSM-FC as a student's shadow-aide and continued her teaching and learning assistant service.

Ms. Pei enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with her family in Malacca during her free time.

Ian Pettigrew - Secondary School
Ian Pettigrew

English Language Arts and Film Studies

Dr. Ian Pettigrew grew up in Miami, Florida. He earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Media Arts Studies at Brigham Young University, a Masters of Arts in Cinema Studies from the University of Bristol, and a PhD in Film and Media Studies from the University of Miami. He has taught at the University of Miami, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Normal University and a prep school in Beijing, China. He has been published in Asian Cinema, Cinej Cinema Journal, Journal of Religion and Film, Science Fiction Film & Television, and elsewhere. Another of his publications is forthcoming in a collected edition published by Edinburgh University Press on the representation of Chinese religions in film. He is also finishing a book on the cinema of the Italian filmmaker Ermanno Olmi that will be published by McFarland Press. He has presented papers at Oxford University, University of Macau, Lancaster University, Manchester University, and Hong Kong University.

Here at Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City, Ian teaches English Language Arts to middle and high school students and film studies to high school students. He loves working with students and assisting them in learning to love reading and thinking critically. Basketball is his favorite sport to watch and play and he is an avid Miami Heat fan. Ian and his wife, Peng Ciyun (Cici), met while he taught at Hangzhou Normal University. They enjoy watching films, reading, playing video games, exercising, and traveling. Unlike Ian, Cici likes shopping.

John Ray Atibagos Sunggayan - Secondary School
Coach John Sunggayan

Physical Education

Mr. Sunggayan earned his Bachelor of Physical Education at Polytechnic University of the Philippines and took 9 units of Master in Physical Education and Sports in the same school. Mr. Sunggayan is a licensed professional teacher in Physical Education and Sports. Mr. Sunggayan has been in the teaching field of professional education for 10 years for both public and private schools. He has taught Physical Education and Sports in Malaysia for 3 years in an international school. Mr. Sunggayan was the head coach in basketball for almost 5 years and competed in high level league in Malaysia like ISAKL (International Schools Association of KUALA LUMPUR, ISSAM (International Schools Sports Association – Malaysia) and MSSD (Majlis Sukan Sekolah-Sekolah Daerah). He was also a sports program coordinator for the past 5 years.

Mr. Sunggayan was a teacher in Music, Arts, Health and Physical Education in the Philippines for primary and secondary, and also a Physical Education Teacher in senior high level. He has specialized in teaching, coaching and officiating different sports specially basketball, swimming, football and sepak takraw for the past 10 years. Mr. Sunggayan was an athlete and varsity athlete in Sepak Takraw for 11 years during his school year. He is also a certified First Aider in Red Cross – Phillipines. He enjoys swimming, jogging, playing basketball and working out in the gym to be physically fit.

As a Physical Education and Sports Teacher, he believes that health and fitness are vital for gaining academic goals as well as develop self-confidence of the young generation. Mr. Sunggayan comes with his family: his wife Elaine and two daughters Althea and Athena.

Eymmyr Rayo - Secondary School
Eymmyr Rayo


Mr. Rayo is an Industrial Engineer and he has a Post Graduate Certificate in Financial Administration from the National University of Engineering in Nicaragua, he has a Master’s in the teaching of sciences from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua and he has experience teaching Math from 5th to 12th grade for 12 years in Central America; he has taught Math 5, Math 6, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus and Calculus courses. He hopes to inspire SSM-FC students with his devotion, not only to math, but also to education; he likes discipline and his passion is helping students to understand and appreciate the beauty of math.

Mr. Rayo enjoys reading and watching documentaries and he is joined by his wife Elizabeth, she has a Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management and a Post Graduate in Sales Management from the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua, they’ve been happily married for 9 years, they enjoy going to the movies and exploring new places.

Faris Ridzwan - Secondary School
Faris Ridzwan

Visual Art

Mr. Ridzwan grew up embracing the richness of the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, known for its culturally diverse locals and captivating natural attractions. From a young age he has always been driven by the art that surrounded him in various forms. He pursued his studies and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the MARA University of Technology Malaysia, focusing on refining his skills in painting and drawing. He has been involved in the art scene for 6 years, where he spent 3 years working as an Assistant Artist for one of Malaysia’s established artists. In addition to that, he has been teaching visual art at International Schools in Malaysia with the desire to inspire the future generation.

As an artist himself, Mr. Ridzwan finds joy in producing art for himself, as well as for the public through exhibitions. He feels fortunate to have been exposed to such a diverse community where he has benefited from the multi-culture. He especially remembers attending exhibitions and visiting the Malaysian National Art Museum at a young age and being impressed with every form of art globally. He knew from a very early age that art would be a big part of his life and hence started creating artworks regularly. In fact, he would never let his mom throw away anything because he would inevitably make something out of what appeared to be scrap.

Melanie Robin Tanner - Secondary School
Melanie Robin Tanner


Mrs. Tanner earned a Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University and teaching certificates in Education and Biology from Western Governors University. Mrs. Tanner has taught science and mathematics in China, Kuwait and the United States. Mrs. Tanner is fluent in Spanish due to volunteer work in Venezuela and has supervised student clubs and activities including Yearbook, Creative Writing, Community Service, Environment Club, and Student Government to name a few.

Mrs. Tanner’s husband teaches Humanities and their three children, Jonas, Ezra and Naomie attend the school. Outside the classroom, Mrs. Tanner enjoys biking, jogging, hiking, traveling, sewing and family time.

Miel Sadhwani - Art
Miel Sadhwani


Ms. Sadhwani's career in education has spanned over 2 decades. She spent most of those years as an early childhood teacher in an international school in the Philippines. She has also taught elementary Art and ICT. Ms. Sadhwani is a founding pioneer faculty member of SSM-FC having joined in 2018 and is currently teaching the Foundation Years PreK-4 class.

Ms. Sadhwani is here with her husband, Nick and their daughter, Natalia who is a high school student here. Her other loves are the beach, golf, baking, and cooking.

Frederick Shane Tanner - Secondary School
Frederick Shane Tanner


Mr. Tanner earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Utah and a Master’s Degree in Social Studies Teaching from Western Governors University. He is endorsed to teach English Language Arts, Social Studies, and English as an Additional Language. He has taught these subjects to a wide range of students from grades 5 to adult. Mr. Tanner has taught in China, Brazil, Kuwait and the United States. Mr. Tanner speaks some Portuguese, Spanish, and Mandarin. He loves playing most sports and has coached basketball and volleyball. He also enjoys reading, writing, playing video games, hiking, camping, and traveling.

Mr. Tanner’s wife teaches science and his three children, Jonas, Ezra and Naomi attend the school as well.

Oksana Sielina - Elementary School
Oksana Sielina

Elementary School

Ms. Oksana Sielina graduated with a Master’s in Education (English, Ukrainian, and Literature) from Horlivka State University, Ukraine. She taught elementary and secondary EAL (English as an Additional Language), Cambridge IGCSE English B, and Russian in the international schools in Kyiv, Ukraine and in Penang, Malaysia for the last 10 years. She enjoys reading, playing Ultimate Frisbee, slow long-distance running, hiking, cycling, and yoga. Ms. Sielina is joined by her husband and two boys, 4 and 2 years old.


Yeoh Sin Nie- Early Childhood School
Yeoh Sin Nie

Teaching & Learning Assistant

Ms. Sin Nie received a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). During her studies, she has taught in various kindergartens, childcare centers and private tutoring students from both public schools and international schools.

After graduating from University, she joined Pan Asia Publications as editor for Science textbooks and reference book. Before embarking her journey at Shattuck St Mary's Forest City International school, she had experience working as Teaching Assistant in Raffles American where she gave tutoring classes to students who are struggling academically. At the same time, she obtained her online Diploma in Education Psychology from Alison Institution in Galway, Ireland. She loves animals and have been rescuing stray animals in her neighborhood. She is also a swimmer. She loved to swim in her spare time.

Mary Swan Yee Tan - Secondary School
Mary Swan Yee Tan

Mandarin Language

Ms. Tan was a qualified trained teacher and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education specialising in Chinese teaching from the MPTI Teacher Training College and a Master of Arts in Chinese Studies from Southern University. Ms. Tan has been teaching Mandarin as first language/mother tongue in Chinese Public School for 6 years. She has been assigned as a class teacher and HOD of Civic subject. She had organised a lot of Mandarin Day event and also Chinese related competition. Ms. Tan was appointed as the leader of dancing club and had experience in bringing students for off-campus Chinese Dancing Competition.

Before joining St. Mary school, Ms. Tan has been teaching Mandarin as first and second language for secondary level in 2 Malaysia International Schools for over 6 years and been assigned as an invigilator for the exam of IGCSE - Mandarin as a Second Language.

Ms. Tan loves to share and inspire the students to know more about Chinese cultures besides learning the Mandarin.

Shan Taryn Ambrose - Secondary School
Shan Taryn Ambrose

Shan Taryn AmbroseEnglish as an Additional Language

Ms. Shan Ambrose earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and Botany, and her Masters degree in Marine Biology from Rhodes University, South Africa. She also holds a TEFL certification and Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching. She has ten years of experience teaching in Asia, and has taught English as a Foreign Language in South Korea, as well as IGCSE English Language and English Literature in international schools in Malaysia. She has headed the English Department in her previous school, and is looking forward to sharing her passion for marine conservation alongside her role as an English teacher in SSM-FC.

Her hobbies and interests include reading, hiking, jogging, yoga, horse riding, animal welfare and travelling to exploring new countries.

Miguel Garcia Fernandez - Secondary School
Miguel Garcia Fernandez

EAL and Spanish as a Foreign Language


Saba Venugopal - Secondary School
Saba Venugopal

Malaysian Language

Mr Saba graduated with a Diploma in Teaching (Malay) before earning a Bachelor’s of Ars (Literature/History) from University of Science Malaysia, Penang.

In his nearly three decades of teaching at national and international schools in Malaysia and Brunei, he has been exposed to various curriculums including IB, IPC, IGCSE, British NC, Malaysian NC, Brunei GCE and Shattuck St Mary being his latest encounter. Prior to teaching in international schools, he lectured psychology, crisis management and business studies at colleges in Malaysia and Brunei.

Apart from his specialization in Malay, he reads philosophy, astrology, history, politics, sociology and religion at his leisure. He has a substantial number of articles published in Malay printed media to his credit and enjoys writing.

Mr Saba and his wife Ms Cynthia have three children - Kesn 12, Theen 11 and Pirtam 2. He enjoys very much spending time with Pirtam and watch him grow. At weekends he still plays football and sometimes badminton. He believes that, “we are all travelers on this earth and we should cherish every contact we encounter along the journey!”

Goh Wen Hui - Secondary School Administrative Assistant
Goh Wen Hui

Secondary School Administrative Assistant

Melissa Yap - Learning Support
Melissa Yap

Learning Support


Ms Melissa graduated with a Bachelors (Hons) in Psychology from James Cook University in Singapore, and then earned her Masters in Inclusive and Special Education from the University of Nottingham Malaysia. She has always been passionate about working with children. Her career started off with working alongside at-risk youths, and eventually unfolded into working with children with additional needs. Ms Melissa has taught in International Schools in Johor and has had the pleasure of setting up and restructuring the Learning Support Department in her previous schools. Not only did she have the opportunity to work with students of a diverse range of learning needs, she also feels grateful that the children in turn have taught her and made her a better educator. She believes that every child deserves the chance to succeed, and can do so, with the right support. 

In her free time, Ms Melissa enjoys spending time with her loved ones, traveling, eating, and spending time in nature. She also loves animals, and dreams of having an animal shelter in the future.

Khool Yan Ting - Lower School
Khoo Yan Ting

Lower School Music Teacher

Yan Ting studied Performing Arts (Music Major), and graduated with BA (Hons) from Middlesex University in the UK. She is an accomplished musician who actively participates in both local and international concerts. Her goal is to unfold innate creativity and imagination in children to achieve an effective learning experience for her students. Her hobbies include travelling, painting and scuba diving.

Jolie Yee Chia Yeng - Lower School
Jolie Yee Chia Yeng

Mandarin Language

Ms Jolie Yee graduated from Southern Cross University Australia with a Bachelor Degree Of Business Administration and earned a Master Of Education (M.Ed) in Malaysia. She has been to Beijing Language and Cultural University and London Teacher Training College to join the Teacher’s Training Programme for self-improvement in teaching Chinese As Foreign Language and Certificate of Teaching English As A Foreign Language.

Jolie was teaching in Marlborough College Malaysia for eight years since 2012 as a Mandarin teacher. She has taught Chinese as a second and foreign Language in school. Most of her students are europeans or foreigners. At her previous school, she has developed and opened up the curriculum of Chinese as a second and foreign language with her previous team. She planned the scheme of work and curriculum with objectives and has organised a lot of Chinese showcases, Chinese activities and Chinese cultural workshops. She enjoys dancing, reading and travelling during her free time. Jolie feels deeply grateful and pleasure to be able to teach at SSM.


Admissions Team

Amy Maloberti - Assistant Director of Admissions
Amy Maloberti

Assistant of Director Admissions

Dawn M. Stark - Director of Admissions
Dawn M. Stark

Director of Admissions 

Farha Gavir - International Students Affairs Manager
Farha Gavir

International Students Affairs Manager

Farshiela Gavir – Documentation Officer
Farshiela Gavir

Documentation Officer

Grace Lee - Senior Admissions Executive
Grace Lee

Senior Admissions Executive

Maria Gabriela Marinescu - Assistant Director of Admissions
Maria Gabriela Marinescu

Assistant Director of Admissions


Liyana Jaafar - Admissions Executive
Liyana Jaafar

Admissions Executive

Shi Yujie - Marketing Coordinator
Shi Yujie

Marketing Coordinator


Chai Shi Ying - Senior Admissions Executive

Chai Shi Ying                     

Senior Admissions Executive


Operations Management Team

Ashitha Reghu - Human Resources Manager

Ashitha Reghu

Human Resources Manager

Choon Jian Wai - Facilities Manager
Choon Jian Wai

Facilities Manager

Hazel Long - Administrative Manager
Hazel Long

Administrative Manager

Jack Neo - Financial Controller
Jack Neo

Financial Controller

Pearly Tan - Personal Assistant to Head of School
Pearly Tan

Personal Assistant to Head of School

Reaz Shaheed - Educational Technology Director
Reaz Shaheed

Educational Technology Director

Reaz has been an Educational Technology Specialist since 1997 with leadership roles at K-12 International Schools in Bangladesh, Tanzania and now at the Shattuck-St. Mary's Forest City International school, Malaysia advocating and implementing  Digital Transformation with innovative and 21st century academic technologies.

Following a Masters degree in Business Administration from East West University, Bangladesh, Reaz completed a Graduate Certificate Program in Educational Technology from Michigan State University, USA and a Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking from EMERITUS Institute of Management, Singapore. He is a registered Professional Technologist and a lifetime member of Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT).

Certified as  IT/Technology Director from Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA), USA and Trainer in Google Workspace for Education, Reaz is a sportsman at heart, who loves cricket and Latin soccer. Spending time and traveling to new places with wife Sharwana, daughters Maisha and Raisa provide the source of his personal bliss and inspiration.

TirukumaraRetty Partheeben - Network Engineer
TirukumaraRetty Partheeben

Network Engineer

Winnie Low Wan Ting - Senior Executive, Finance
Winnie Low Wan Ting

Senior Executive, Finance

Yuga Lee - Dorm Administrative Assistant
Yuga Lee

Dorm Administrative Assistant


Wong Seck Tin - Senior Procurement Executive
Wong Seck Tin

Senior Procurement Executive


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