AP program

Many colleges look for exceptional individuals and showing academic rigor is a common way to do so. Students can distinguish themselves from the rest by choosing to take classes that are of higher difficulty than the standard curriculum and equip them with future skills that are practical in both their academic and career journey.

One example is the well-recognised AP program that provides students with the opportunity to experience and learn college level modules. It also helps students to attain college credits that allows for early graduation and placements. Here are some other ways that the program benefits students:

  1. Helps to develop college-level academic skills AP classes are more difficult than standard classes and involve more problem-solving skills. It requires great commitment and effort from students to complete additional assignments and students are to allocate and manage extra study time. Students will be taught to manage their time and balance life and work efficiently. These are skills that will help in college studies and their future careers to come.
  2. Increases chances of college-specific merit aid About 31% of colleges take a student’s AP coursework into consideration when deciding on candidates for scholarships. These students often stand out and impress admissions and financial aid officers. This can help students plan their finances efficiently without worrying about expenses on tuition or even graduate debt free. Many scholarships can also be used for expenses other than tuition from supplies to housing.
  3. More possibilities in college With college credits attained through the AP program, students are often relieved of requirements to take introductory level classes. This means that they are given more options during their time at college. Some may consider taking up second majors, minors or more electives. For students that would like to broaden their horizons and gain some experience outside the usual environment, the use of AP credits enables more them to explore beyond the bare requirements in the course of study.
  4. Graduate sooner and save money on tuition In addition to the exemption from introductory modules, students are given the opportunity to explore more options. While some may consider taking additional classes, others may choose to graduate sooner. In some colleges, this may be possible in just 3 years. An early graduation allows students to save up on tuition, rental and living expenses – heavy costs that can be avoided with AP credits.

Every institution has a different entrance requirement; some may take greater consideration into GPAs, while others value extracurricular activities, work experiences and the applicant’s college interest. Nevertheless, the AP courses are a good way to complement and add value to a student’s college application. Taking on these classes shows the individual’s determination, capabilities, and readiness to excel.

At Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City International School, our team of experienced educators are here to guide and support our high school students as they prepare for their examinations. With a strong focus on the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) approach, our school empowers students with a rigorous curriculum that will help navigate them through their studies.

SSM-FC also provides on campus professional university counselling services within the students’ reach. Those who are unsure of taking up AP programs can consult our college counsellor for advice. Conferences will be given to families to keep them informed, as required. Access to college admissions library with material on institutions, test preparation and financial aid information are available. Here, every student is given the support they need to prepare for life after high school.