Quality Educational Experience: School Counseling

According to the World Health Organization, 10%-20% of children and adolescents worldwide experience some form of mental health issue. It goes without saying that these can severely impact their development, educational goals and quality of life. This is where schools can play an important role in cultivating an ideal environment where students are able to get the necessary help and guidance to deal with these issues.

Highly trained and competent school counselors are an indispensable tool in assisting students in academic and social challenges. They serve dual roles as counselors helping to improve the students’ wellbeing and also as educators arming them with essential skills. Just a few words with a good school counselor can have a profound effect on a student’s life and lay the foundation for a brighter and better future.

There is a prevalent perception that only ‘bad’ or ‘weird’ students need school counseling services. However, that is not the case. Almost all students can benefit from a school counselor. In fact, comprehensive research on the subject revealed that schools with effective counseling programs had students who believed more in their education, were more satisfied with their school life, experienced less interpersonal conflicts with fellow students, and earned higher grades.

In today’s age, even if a school fosters a welcoming and open environment, students could still face a multitude of possible stressors stemming from academic difficulties, cyber bullying and social ostracism to personal family issues. It is therefore vital that these students have a place where they can comfortably express their feelings without fear of being judged. Through individual counseling sessions, school counselors provide this by identifying underlying problems and imparting sound advice on how to overcome them. This may include instructing students on methods to improve their social skills, emotional management and behavioral patterns as well as honing their ability to reflect on their cognitive biases and negative behaviors. School counselors can also be instrumental in facilitating parent-child bonding. Of course, the very presence of an empathetic ear from an adult with unconditional regard can already significantly bolster a student’s self-esteem and sense of belonging.

A school counselor also plays an important role in guiding students towards a smooth transition to higher education. Typically, a significant number of students will still feel unclear and lost on what to study in the future. By utilizing vocational test or just a simple conversation, school counselors can help them explore their interests and passions and determine how those can be translated to an appropriate course of study and, later, fruitful career. Furthermore, the school counselors can help match students with the most suitable higher education institution and provide the resources for them to make the best decision. With the admissions process for universities, especially American universities, which require admissions tests, essays, and background forms, being rather complicated, school counselors are essential in helping the students maximize their chances to get into their chosen universities.

Overall, good school counselors are integral to the school system and holistic development of students. At Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City International School, the school counselors are dedicated, empathetic educators with a wealth of experience in guiding and improving the lives of their students. In addition, the school’s university counseling program ensures students will be ready to enter the most suitable university in a smooth and efficient manner. Here, your child will get all the support they need to maximize their inner potential. For more information on the school and its curriculum, visit https://www.ssm-fc.org/.