Teachers Make All the Difference: The Importance of Good Educators

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
- William Arthur Ward, American Writer

Good educators do not just teach; they enkindle our passion for learning, and enrich us with both the knowledge and the potential to fully realize ourselves. Great teachers make a profound lasting impact on students in academics and beyond.

While there are a variety of factors that contribute to a student’s academic achievements, when it comes to school-related factors, teachers play the most vital role. Educators are estimated to possess up to three times the impact compared to other factors such as facilities and services. But, of course, it’s the good educators that increase student performance. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development has identified traits such as good communication skills, compassion, respect for students, dedication, experience and organizational abilities as essential for effective educators. These teachers achieve better outcomes and are able to collaborate with students in an interactive and meaningful manner.

Research also highlights the importance of good teacher-student relationships. According to the University of Stavanger in Norway, teachers with effective classroom management skills produce students who achieve better academic results and display more interest in the subject taught. Longitudinal studies from Dallas Public Schools’ Accountability System show that the effects of a good teacher can be sustained up to three years and compounded with further instruction by other effective teachers. However, it can go beyond that; having good teachers can be literally life-changing.

A study by a Harvard economist revealed that students with good educators are more successful in a variety of areas later in life. They are more likely to attend college, save for retirement, earn higher salaries and live in better neighborhoods. The influence of good educators is especially seen in students from lower social economic statuses. The more disadvantaged a student is, the more they benefit from having good educators. In fact, teacher encouragement was essential in these disadvantaged students’ decision to continue their education in university. In this respect, teachers were directly responsible for their students’ social mobility.

What accounts for these incredible results? Well, good educators do more than enhance academic achievement; they cultivate a student’s intellectual, social and emotional intelligence. They act as role models whose positive traits inspire reverence and emulation. Robert Brooks, PhD, from Harvard Medical School states that effective teachers foster both self-esteem and resilience in students. They provide students the opportunity to display their talents as well as making mistakes. More than that, they guide students in learning from their failures and improving themselves. In essence, they motivate students to learn more.

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