How Schools Prepare Your Children for the Working World

School is not just a place to gain knowledge and expand one’s circle of friends. It is also where children are being prepared, physically and mentally, for the world of employment. In fact, this preparation process actually begins from the very first day of school. Here are some of the skills that are being instilled in school children to get them ready for the workplace in the future.

Verbal Skills

Verbal proficiency is the most sought-after skill in the work environment. In fact, sociologist Andrew Zekeri once said, “Oral communication skills are the number one skill that college graduates found useful when they started working.” Remember how you were called to introduce yourself in front of your class on your first day? That was just the start. Schools provide an ideal platform for cultivating children’s language proficiency and fluency. Whether via presentations, group work, performances or even simple Question-and-Answer sessions, children will find themselves presented with countless opportunities to hone their verbal skills in different scenarios throughout their schooling career.


Writing plays a pivotal role in many fields. From as early as representing yourself to your prospective employer with an impressive resume to composing e-mails and letters on a daily basis, writing has become an unavoidable task in every industry. An employee with good writing skills often presents his capability, intelligence, responsibility and credibility better. What’s more, having good writing skills is often related to gaining the employer’s trust. According to Kyle Wiens, CEO of the acclaimed iFixit website, a grammar test is compulsory for everyone looking for a position in his company as he believes that the fewer grammar mistakes one makes, the fewer mistakes they will make in their jobs. More often than not, school is where children build their foundation in writing. From the moment they learn to form their ABCs to when they are required to formulate thousand-word theses, they are taught the proper grammar and vocabulary skills to put their thoughts to paper efficiently and effectively.


The next important thing school life teaches an individual is teamwork. Working on a task in a team gives space for more ideas, where we are able to see and understand an issue from different perspectives. Furthermore, teamwork can be a good factor in empowering success. According to leadership guru John C. Maxwell, “Teamwork is at the heart of a great achievement”. In schools, children are exposed to various team-based assignments and group activities, be they academic, extra-curricular or social in nature. In addition to being able to mingle with their school mates and foster friendships with people from different backgrounds, they learn how to work together and communicate with each other.

Problem solving

Like many other skills, problem solving is also fundamental, not only at the workplace but also in every aspect of life. This skill is usually accompanied by critical thinking ability. One has to think critically to overcome any situation while not succumbing to panic at the same time. Employees with problem-solving skills are often considered as a valuable addition to the team. School life emphasizes this skill in particular through discussions that give the children the independence to think creatively and voice out solutions for various issues.

Preparing Your Children for Their Future

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