Getting into an Ivy League School

Ivy League schools are arguably the crème de la crème of the university level (or sector) in the USA. They are sought after by many ambitious students the world over, but have notoriously low acceptance rates. Becoming an Ivy Leaguer is clearly an impressive achievement, but how does one score that elusive golden ticket?

As unbelievable as it sounds, top scores, while an important requisite, are not sufficient when it comes to Ivy League schools. Stellar grades by themselves will not guarantee that the doors of these schools will be open to you. In addition to a strong academic performance, they seek leaders of tomorrow who have demonstrated past success. They look for driven and passionate individuals who will be a positive influence in the campus community and beyond. They want people who aspire to and are capable of changing the world for the better.

Proven displays of leadership abilities and involvement in extracurricular activities can play an important part in providing glimpses into the applicants’ personalities and strengths, allowing admission officers to assess the former’s value to the school beyond the lecture halls.   

This is where the perfect admissions essay will help you get your foot in the door. The essay is a critical part of the application process. It is your chance to create a personalized yet memorable first impression and make a meaningful distinction from other applicants. In this essay, you have the opportunity to express your true self and provide deeper insights into who you truly are and where your passions lie. In general, people are drawn to real voices; Ivy League schools are no different in this regard. Authenticity is compelling, and colleges appreciate students who bring this quality to the table while remaining intellectual.

Your high school journey, in particular, weighs heavily in most admission officers’ decision-making process. Besides meeting the necessary high school requirements, you have to also show an aptitude for other facets of life. By involving yourself in a range of academic, athletic, artistic, leadership and community activities after school or on weekends, you provide the content for an inspiring admissions essay. Perhaps you have already started to change the world!

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