School Fees

SSM-FC School Fees Structure

Tuition Fees* Annual Tuition Fees (MYR) Equivalent (US$) @ 4.0**
Early Childhood
Pre-K3 69,000 17,250
Lower School
Grade 1 to 5 76,500 19,125
Upper School – Day Student
Grade 6 to 9 95,500 23,875
Grade 10 to 12 102,500 25,625
Upper School – Boarding Student (inclusive of all meals)
Grade 6 to 9 159,500 39,875
Grade 10 to 12 166,500 41,625


Enrollment Fees* One-Time Payment (MYR) Equivalent (US$) @ 4.0**
Application Fee*
Non-refundable one-time Fees
(To be paid when the online application is submitted)
1,075 270
Enrollment Fee*
Required to be paid when the application is accepted. This amount is non-refundable under any circumstance.
Day Student 5,200 1,300
Boarding Student 8,000 2,000


Miscellaneous Fees* Annual Payment (MYR) Equivalent (US$) @ 4.0
Learning Resources Fee
(Mandatory for grades 1 to 12: Early Childhood is excluded)
Technology/ Textbooks 2,100 525
After-school activities
(Additional fees apply for activities offered by external providers)
1,200 300
Intensive English as an Additional Language (iEAL) 10,000 2,500
Academic English as an Additional Language (AEAL) 7,000 1,525
English as an Additional Language 4,000 1,000
Learning Support Services 10,000 2.500


Meals (Day students grades 1-12)
- Per year which consist of 3 meals per day (morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack) MYR 6,000 (Per year)



Bus Fees* (depending on Distance) From MYR 500 to MYR 800
Uniform* (depending on quantity purchased) From MYR 65 to MYR 250 (per item)
Student pass applications* From MYR 90 to MYR 200 (based on fees charged by Immigration Department of Malaysia, varies by nationality)
Day Trips and Overnight Excursions* Families will be charged for the cost of the trip/excursion


* For the avoidance of doubt, all amounts set out in Clause 6 and the tables above do not yet include any SST (if applicable), which shall be borne by the parent.
**The conversion rate shown in for reference only and does not reflect the current exchange rate, nor will the school accept payment for tuition in USD. All payments are to be made in Malaysian Ringgit.

All payments of Fees made to the School are non-refundable.

The School does not accept new enrollment of students in June of an academic year.

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